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markerA Chapel on Śnieżka Saint Joseph's Oratory on Śnieżka (Chapel on Śnieżka) is a historic oratory on Śnieżka near Karpacz in Lower Silesia, in the district of Jelenia Góra. Located in south-western Poland, in the eastern part of the Giant Mountains at the top of the highest hill of the Sudety, about 5.3 km. south-west o... Chapel on Śnieżka - photo
markerB Vang stave church Vang stave church (Świątynia Wang) is a stave church which was bought by the Prussian King and transferred from Vang in Norway and re-erected in 1842 in Brückenberg near Krummhübelin Germany, now Karpacz in the Karkonosze mountains of Poland. The church is a four-post single-nave stave church origi... Vang stave church - photo
markerC Sněžka Sněžka or Śnieżka (in Czech and Polish, Schneekoppein German) is a mountain on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland, the most prominent point of the Silesian Ridge in the Krkonoše mountains. At 1,602 metres (5,256 ft), its summit is the highest point in the Czech Republic, in the Krkonoš... Sněžka - photo
markerD Shelter Samotnia Shelter Samotnia belongs to PTTK. Named after Waldemar Siemaszko is located near the Little Pond in Karkonosze mountains. It can be reached along the blue trail from the Temple of Wang (about 1 hr.) or descending from the Academic Strzecha (about 10 min). Currently shelter has 49 beds. There is al... Shelter Samotnia - photo
markerE Kopa Ski Resort Kopa Ski Resort in Karpacz is a complex located in Karpacz in the Giant Mountains (Karkonosze) on the northern slopes of Mount Kopa (1377 m). It is located in the neighbourhood to Śnieżka in the National Park of Karkonosze. On the premises there are 8 ski lifts: 2 black, 1 red, 4 blue and 1 green w... Kopa Ski Resort - photo
markerF Shelter Strzecha Akademicka Shelter Strzecha Akademicka is located in the Giant Mountains National Park, on one of the routes leading from Karpacz to Snow White. Located 1258 meters above sea level, between the Cauldron of Small Pond and White Jar, about 10 minutes away from another shelter - Samotnia. Currently hostel has 14... Shelter Strzecha Akademicka - photo
markerG Kamieńczyk waterfall Kamieńczyk waterfall (846 m) - the highest waterfall in the Polish Sudetes. Water from stream Kamieńczyk falls through three cascades from a height of 27 m. After the middle cascade there is a cave artificially forged by Walończycy, who centuries ago were searching here for amethysts and pegmatites.... Kamieńczyk waterfall - photo

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Geographical coordinates: 50.7817, 15.7558
Approximate population: 5,063

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