Monopol Hotel in Wrocław

Monopol Hotel in Wrocław at Helena Modrzejewska street, Wrocław, was built in 1892 in Art Nouveau in place of church's graveyard (in 1817 transformed into the arrest, and later in 1852 moved to Podwale). Square left by the arrest was bought near end of 19th century for 600 000 marks by Wrocław 's Jews - banker Wallenberg Pachala and architect Karl Grosser.; they have built here trade house and hotel in which were 69 rooms, including 21 single occupation rooms, 46 double occupation and 2 apartments. Room size ran from 10 to 36 square metres (110 to 390 sq ft) and according to 19th century standards were luxurious. The trade house was located at the corner of Świdnicka and Modrzejewskiej street (formerly Agnes Sorma Straße).

During the last months of World War II the trade house was significantly damaged so that it was rebuilt only in 1961 and became an exclusive cafe "Monopol". At the end of the 20th century it was closed and commercial functions were restored in the building. The hotel building survived the war without significant damage and hosted the World Congress of Intellectuals during the Exhibition of the Recovered Territories in 1948 with guests such as Pablo Picasso, Irène Joliot-Curie, Ilya Ehrenburg and Mikhail Sholokhov. In 1984 was entered into register of monuments. Today Monopol Hotel has two restaurants, spa and wellness club and organizes conferences and banquets.

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Style definitin of style Art Nouveau
Category definition of category building
Material definition of material
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Geographical coordinates 51.1061110, 17.0305560
Address Wrocław, Heleny Modrzejewskiej 2
Construction dates - 1892

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