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markerA Budnicze Houses in Poznań Budnicze Houses (pl. Domki Budnicze) is a group of three-or four-storey narrow houses located on the south of the town hall. They were constructed in the first half of the sixteenth century. In contrast to the patrician houses belonging to the frontages of the market, they belonged to a poorer merch... Budnicze Houses in Poznań - photo
markerB Poznań Old Town Poznań Old Town is a central neighbourhood of the city of Poznań in western Poland, covering the area of the walled medieval city of Poznań. It is called Stare Miasto in Polish (although that name may also refer to the wider administrative district of Stare Miasto , which extends to most of the city... Poznań Old Town - photo
markerC Poznań Town Hall Poznań Town Hall or Ratusz is a building in the city of Poznań in western Poland, located in the Old Market Square (Stary Rynek) in the centre of the Old Town neighbourhood. It served as the city's administrative building until 1939, and now houses a museum. The town hall was originally built in the... Poznań Town Hall - photo
markerD Poznań Citadel The Poznań Citadel (Cytadela) is a large park on the site of Fort Winiary, a 19th-century fortified area north of the city centre. It contains a military museum, military cemeteries, and the remains of some of the fortifications. It lies within the Stare Miasto district of the city, south of Win... Poznań Citadel - photo
markerE Scenic Tower on Mount Virgin Scenic Tower on Mount Virgin - photo
markerF Galeria Malta Galeria Malta is a 3-storey shopping centre in Poznan opened on 25 March 2009, is located at the intersection of Baraniaka and Jana Pawła II, in the immediate vicinity of Lake Malta and Malta's recreational areas. Inside you will find all the industries and brands already present in Poland. There is... Galeria Malta - photo
markerG Collegium Minus of University Adam Mickiewicz Collegium Minus of University Adam Mickiewicz - historic, neo-Renaissance building, located within the Imperial Quarter of Poznan near to Mickiewicz Square. The property was built for the Royal Academy in 1909 and designed by Edward Fürstenau. The ceremonial opening took place on January 18, 1910. T... Collegium Minus of University Adam Mickiewicz - photo
markerH Church of St. Francis Seraphic in Poznan Church of St. Francis Seraphic in Poznan, usually called the Church of St. Bernard is a baroque church. Has an adjacent monastery located at ul. Garbary 22 opposite to the Bernardine Square. In 1455 Poznan townsman Maciej Czarny with the support of Bishop Andrzej Bniński gave ground to Bernardines. ... Church of St. Francis Seraphic in Poznan - photo
markerI Poznań International Fair The Poznań International Fair (Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie) is the biggest industrial fair in Poland. It is held on the Poznań fairground in Poland. Poznań International Fair is located in the centre of the city opposite the main railway station - Poznań Główny, in the centre of Poland and in th... Poznań International Fair - photo

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Name Poznań
Region Greater Poland
Country Poland (PL)
Population 556,022 inhabitants

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