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markerA Lake Malta Lake Malta is an artificial lake in Poznań, Poland. It was formed in 1952 as a result of the damming of the Cybina River. It is about 2.2 km long, which makes the lake the biggest man-made lake of the city. The water is 3.1 m deep on average with a maximum about 5 m. There are a number of re... Lake Malta - photo
markerB Rusalka Lake Rusalka - pond with an area of 36.7 ha lying in Poznan, in western golęcin green wedge. Powered by Bogdanka and Golęcinka. Catchment area - 26.6 km ². Lake-type zander. There are also carp, European eel, bream, tench, bleak, grass carp, pike, mackerel, white bream, ruffe, roach, rudd, perch and sti... Rusalka Lake - photo
markerC Lednica Landscape Park You can reach Lednica Landscape Park from Poznań by taking domestic road no. 5 to Gniezno. After passing Pobiedziska, in Lednogóra turn left after the lake. You should watch carefully road signs, as the slip road can be easily missed.The Museum of First Piasts in Lednica is situated 2 km off Poznań-... Lednica Landscape Park - photo
markerD Strzeszyńskie Lake Strzeszyńskie Lake - the lake in the province. Greater Poland inPoznań, situated in the Lake District, Poznan. It is a natural lake situated in a valley in the so-called Bogdanka. green wedge west of Poznan. The coastline length of 4,5 km, is an area mainly covered with deciduous and pine forests, ... Strzeszyńskie Lake - photo
markerE Lake Kierskie Lake Kierskie - Gutter glacial lake, situated in the western part of Poznan. It is the largest water reservoir of the city and one of the largest in Great Poland. The lake lies within the Poznań Lake District .Lake Kierskie lies in the west, in golęcin green wedge. Water surface area is around 300.... Lake Kierskie - photo
markerF Olszak pond Olszak pond - the last of the four reservoir ponds between lake Swarzędzkie and Lake Malta. It was created by damming the waters of the river Cybina. Nowadays has a function to slow down the flow the water and clean it before reaches Lake Malta. The pond and its surroundings are among the areas with... Olszak pond - photo

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Name Poznań
Region Greater Poland
Country Poland (PL)
Population 556,022 inhabitants

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