Lake Kierskie

Lake Kierskie - Gutter glacial lake, situated in the western part of Poznan. It is the largest water reservoir of the city and one of the largest in Great Poland. The lake lies within the Poznań Lake District .Lake Kierskie lies in the west, in golęcin green wedge.

Water surface area is around 300.0 ha. The average depth of the lake according to various sources, from 10.1 m by 10.8 m to 11.0 m and maximum depth of 34.1 m by 36.0 m to 37.6 m.

It is known in the country a center of water sports - sailing and iceboats.One guarded swimming pool - in Krzyżowniki. Every year on Lake Kierskie events are held Wpław przez Kiekrz.

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Geographical coordinates 52.4666667, 16.7833333
Address Poznań, Słupska

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