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markerA Villa Borghese gardens The Villa Borghese gardens is the second biggest park located in the very centre of Rome, Italy. It covers an area of over 80 hectares. The park was designed by the architect Flaminio Ponzio to complement the Villa Borghese located on the Pincian hill. In 1605, the cardinal Scipione Borghese starte... Villa Borghese gardens - photo
markerB Palazzo Farnese Palazzo Farneseis one of the most important High Renaissance palaces in Rome. Owned by the Italian state, it was given to the French Government in 1936 for a period of 99 years, and currently serves as the French embassy in Italy. First designed in 1517 for the Farnese family, the building expanded... Palazzo Farnese - photo
markerC Piazza Colonna The Piazza Colonna (it. "column") crosses Via del corso, one of the main road in Rome. The present shape was designed in the end of the 16th century, when Pope Sixtus V ordered rebuilding of the whole district. The name of the square comes from the monumental column of Marcus Aurelius placed in the... Piazza Colonna - photo
markerD St. Angel Bridge The St. Angel Bridge is a bridge in the centre of the city of Rome, leading to the castle of St. Angel through Tiber. It was erected by order of Emperor Hadrian to link the centre of the then Rome (on the right side of Tiber) with the Mausoleum built by his order as well. It used to be an eight-spa... St. Angel Bridge - photo
markerE Galatea The Triumph of Galatea is a fresco from the Villa Farnesina located in the Trastevere in Rome. The fresco was created by Rafael Santi who painted it in 1512 for a rich papal banker, Agostino Chigi, highly respected in Rome. He was a man of the renaissance, loved music and feasts. Therefore he decid... Galatea  - photo
markerF Basilica of Saint Sabina at the Aventine The Basilica of Saint Sabina at the Aventine is located in one of the seven hills on which, according to the legend, Rome was built. The temple was constructed in a place where previously the house of the Roman matron Sabina had been, near a temple of Juno. Later, Sabina was declared a martyr of Chr... Basilica of Saint Sabina at the Aventine - photo

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