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Castel Gandolfo ( [kaˈstɛl ɡanˈdɔlfo] , Latin : Castrum Gandulphi , colloquially Castello in the Castelli Romani dialects) is a small Italian town or comune in Lazio that occupies a height overlooking Lake Albano about 15 miles south-east of Rome , on the Alban Hills . It is best known as the summer residence of the Pope . It is an Italian town with the population of 8834. The town was voted one of the most beautiful towns in Italy.
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markerA Pope's summer residence in Castel Gandolfo Castel Gandolfo it is a small village near to Rome. Is situated on the Lazio, a crater of extinct volcano. Castel Gandolfo is on a tourist trial of the Roman Castles (Castelli Romani). This place is called the Albanian Hills (Colli Albani) by the Romans. Due to its location in the middle of green a... Pope's summer residence in Castel Gandolfo - photo

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Geographical coordinates: 41.75, 12.65
Approximate population: 8,834

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