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markerA Ramat Gan Stadium Ramat Gan Stadium (איצטדיון רמת גן, Itztadion Ramat Gan) is the national football stadium in the Tel Aviv District city of Ramat Gan, Israel. Completed in 1951 and serving as Israel's largest stadium ever since, this all-seated stadium contains 41,583 seats, 13,370 of which are located in the Weste... Ramat Gan Stadium - photo
markerB Yarkon Park Yarkon Park (Hebrew: פארק הירקון ‎, Park HaYarkon) is a large public urban park (3.8 km²) in Tel Aviv, Israel, with about sixteen million visitors annually. Bounded by Rokach Boulevard on the north and Bavli on the south, the park includes extensive lawns, sports facilities, botanical gardens, an av... Yarkon Park - photo
markerC Charles Clore Park Charles Clore Park is a beachfront public park in southwestern Tel Aviv, Israel. The park covers 29.6-acre (0.120 km) of public land and runs along the Mediterranean Sea. It opened to the public in 1974, and in 2007 underwent a two-year makeover. Charles Clore Park - photo

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Name Tel Aviv
Region Tel Aviv
Country Israel (IL)
Population 390,750 inhabitants

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