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markerA Belgian Comic Strip Center The Belgian Comic Strip Center (Dutch: Belgisch Centrum voor het Beeldverhaal; French: Centre belge de la Bande dessinée ) chronicles the history of Belgian comics. Housed in a former department store in Brussels ' business district, it exhibits examples of comic strips in French, Dutch and English.... Belgian Comic Strip Center - photo
markerB Stoclet Palace The Stoclet Palace (French: Palais Stoclet; Dutch: Stocletpaleis) is a private mansion built by architect Josef Hoffmann between 1905 and 1911 in Brussels, Belgium, for a banker and art lover Adolphe Stoclet. Considered Hoffmann's masterpiece, the Stoclet's house is one of the most refined and luxur... Stoclet Palace - photo
markerC Horta Museum The Horta Museum (French: Musée Horta; Dutch: Hortamuseum) is a museum dedicated to the life and work of the Belgian Art Nouveau architect Victor Horta and his time. The museum is housed in Horta's former house and atelier, Maison & Atelier Horta (1898), in the Brussels municipality of Saint-Gilles.... Horta Museum - photo
markerD Hôtel Solvay The Hôtel Solvay is a large Art Nouveau townhouse designed by Victor Horta on the Avenue Louise in Brussels. The house was commissioned by Armand Solvay, the son of the wealthy Belgian chemist and industrialist Ernest Solvay. For this wealthy patron Horta could spend a fortune on precious materials... Hôtel Solvay - photo
markerE Hôtel Tassel The Hotel Tassel (French: Hôtel Tassel; Dutch: Hotel Tassel) is a townhouse built by Victor Horta in Brussels for the Belgian scientist and professor Emile Tassel in 1893-1894. It is generally considered as the first ever truely Art Nouveau building, because of its highly innovative plan and its gro... Hôtel Tassel - photo
markerF Brussels Town Hall The Town Hall (French: Hôtel de Ville, Dutch: Stadhuis) of the City of Brussels is a Gothic building from the Middle Ages. It is located on the famous Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium. The oldest part of the present Town Hall is its east wing. Together with a small belfry it was built from 1402 to ... Brussels Town Hall - photo
markerG King's House in Brussels The King's House (French: Maison du Roi; Dutch: Broodhuis meaning "bread house") is a neo-gothic building on the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium. It was built between 1504 and 1536 by the Duke of Brabant as a symbol of his reign. It was purposely situated across from the city hall to counter the i... King's House in Brussels - photo
markerH Grand Place in Brussels The Grand Place (French; also used in English) or Grote Markt (Dutch) is the central square of Brussels. It is surrounded by guildhalls, the gothic Town Hall from the 14th century, and the Breadhouse (French: Maison du Roi, Dutch: Broodhuis) which used to be a Spanish royal residence in the 16th cen... Grand Place in Brussels - photo
markerI King Baudouin Stadium The King Baudouin Stadium (French: Stade Roi Baudouin, Dutch: Koning Boudewijnstadion) is a sports ground in north-west Brussels, Belgium. It was inaugurated on 23 August 1930 (days after Belgium's 100th anniversary) as Jubilee Stadium (French: Stade du Jubilé, Dutch: Jubelstadion). Located in the H... King Baudouin Stadium - photo
markerJ Laeken Laeken (obsolete Dutch spelling, retained in French) or Laken (contemporary Dutch) is a residential suburb in north-west Brussels in Belgium. It belongs to the municipality of the City of Brussels. The Royal Castle of Laeken, official home of the Belgian Royal Family is situated here. The castle wa... Laeken - photo

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