King's House in Brussels

The King's House (French: Maison du Roi; Dutch: Broodhuis meaning "bread house") is a neo-gothic building on the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium.

It was built between 1504 and 1536 by the Duke of Brabant as a symbol of his reign. It was purposely situated across from the city hall to counter the importance of the muncipal authorities. Also, it was built on the site of the first cloth and bread markets, which were no longer in use. It became known as the King's House, although actually no king has ever lived there. It is still known as the Maison du roi (King's House) in French, though in Dutch it continues to be called Broodhuis (bread house), after the market whose place it took.

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Geographical coordinates 50.8468060, 4.3525530
Address 1000 Brussels, Grand-Place
Construction dates 1504 - 1536

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