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markerA Kahlenberg Kahlenberg is a mountain located in the 19th District within Vienna, Austria (Döbling). Kahlenberg lies in the Wienerwald (Vienna Woods) and is one of the most popular destinations for day-trips from Vienna, offering a view over the entire city. Kahlenberg is 484 meters high and lies in the northe... Kahlenberg - photo
markerB Wiener Riesenrad The Wiener Riesenrad (German for "Viennese giant wheel"), or Riesenrad, is a 64.75-metre (212 ft) tall Ferris wheel at the entrance of the Prater amusement park in Leopoldstadt, the 2nd district of Austria 's capital Vienna. It is now one of Vienna's most popular tourist attractions, and symbolises... Wiener Riesenrad - photo

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Name Vienna
Region Vienna
Country Austria (AT)
Population 1,712,903 inhabitants

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