Rudas Bath or Rudas fürdő is a thermal and medicinal bath in Budapest, Hungary. It was first built in 1550, during the time of Ottoman rule. To date, it retains many of the key elements of a Turkish bath, exemplified by its Turkish dome and octagonal pool. It is located at Döbrentei tér 9 on the Buda side of Erzsébet Bridge.

The bath has six therapy pools and one swimming pool where the temperature is in between 16-42C. The components of slightly radioactive thermal water includes sulphate, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate and a significant amount of fluoride ion. Medical indications of the water is degenerative joint illnesses, chronic and sub-acute joint inflammations, vertebral disk problems, neuralgia and lack of calcium in the bone system.

The baths were used as a location in the 1988 action movie Red Heat, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Belushi. It re-opened at the beginning of 2006, after a comprehensive renovation of its interior. This is also the place where the Cinetrip have their Sparty's during the winter season Aerial photography

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Geographical coordinates 47.4890920, 19.0478670
Address Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9
Construction dates - 1550

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