Place du Luxembourg

The Place du Luxembourg (French) or Luxemburgplein (Dutch) is a square in the European Quarter of Brussels, Belgium.

The square consists largely of restaurants and bars which dominate the wide pavements, with some banks and other retail services, serving the employees and members of the neighbouring European Parliament as well as the other European Institutions and associated organisations which are mostly located close-by.

In the centre of the square is a statue of John Cockerill, a prominent British-Belgian 19th century industrialist, which is a copy of the statue outside Seraing town hall in Liège. The figure of Cockerill is leaning against an anvil and surrounded by an industrial figures from period: a glassmaker, a mechanic, a puddler and a miner. Cockerill's motto, Work and Intelligence, are engraved upon the statue.

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Inside of Place du Luxembourg you can also find: Espace Léopold ,

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Style definitin of style Neoclassical
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Geographical coordinates 50.8392100, 4.3726500
Address 1000 Brussels, Rue d'Arlon

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