Oslo Cathedral School

Oslo Cathedral School (Oslo katedralskole) is an upper secondary school located in Oslo, Norway. The school offers the college preparatory studiespesialisering (specialization for studies) of the Norwegian school system. Oslo Cathedral School is one of four schools in Norway which can trace its origins directly to the Middle Ages and is generally regarded as one of the most prestigious schools in Norway. It celebrated its 850-year anniversary in 2003. The school's motto is the Latin phrase Non scholae, sed vitae discimus (We do not learn for the sake of the school, but for the sake of life).

According to tradition, the school was founded in 1153 by papal delegate Cardinal Nicholas Breakspeare, and administered by the Cathedral of Saint Hallvard. From its foundation and until the 18th century the school was primarily a school for educating priests. The language used was Latin and remained so until the 18th century. Unlike most other Norwegian state schools, Latin is still being taught at the school today. After a great fire destroyed much of Oslo in 1624, the city was relocated and reconstructed, forcing the school to change location. After a new gymnasium was opened in Christiania, students were offered lessons in extracurricular subjects, including astronomy, philosophy, physics and metaphysics. During the end of the 18th century, several reforms were implemented in Norwegian Latin-schools.

The tradition of Latin being mandatory was abolished in 1869 and students were given the opportunity between a three year long school run with either Latin or natural sciences. During World War II, parts of the school building were employed by the German occupants, though teaching continued as usual. Several of the teachers were however involved in resistance activities against the Germans.

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Geographical coordinates 59.9210390, 10.7415830
Address 0171 Oslo, Ullevålsveien 31
Opening date 1153
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