Anoeta Stadium

Anoeta is a multi-purpose stadium in San Sebastián, Spain. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Real Sociedad. In recent years, it has also been used for occasional Heineken Cup rugby union fixtures by nearby French club Biarritz Olympique.Since the 2009–10 Top 14 season, both Biarritz Olympique and fellow Basque club Aviron Bayonnais took home matches to the Anoeta.

The stadium, which holds 32,076, was inaugurated in 1993. In 2004, José Luis Astiazarán, then the president of Real Sociedad, launched a project called Gipuzkoarena. Planned to be finished in 2007, it was intended to increase the stadium's capacity to 42,000, which would include the removal of the athletics track. The project also intended to construct a hotel and shops, among other items. This proposal was soon rejected by the city council and left behind.

In the end of 2007, Badiola, as candidate for president of Real Sociedad, proposed that the club buy the stadium. This was also soon rejected by the city council. In 2008, Badiola, already as president, made another two proposals for the stadium, one of them similar to Gipuzkoarena. They were going to be studied by the city council. But Badiola finished as president on the 20th of December that year.

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Geographical coordinates 43.3013780, -1.9736170
Address San Sebastián, Paseo de Anoeta
Opening date 1993

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