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markerA Beach of La Concha The Beach of La Concha (Basque: Kontxa Hondartza, Spanish: Playa de La Concha) is a beach in the Bay of La Concha in San Sebastián (Basque Country). It is one of the most famous urban beaches across the country. It is a sandy beach and shallow substrate, in which the course of the tides often limit... Beach of La Concha - photo
markerB Miramar Palace Miramar Palace - photo
markerC San Telmo Museum San Telmo Museum - photo
markerD Zuloaga Square Zuloaga Square is a square in the old part of the city of San Sebastian. The square is located in the shadow of Mount Urgull. In the square is San Telmo Museum and Church of San Vicente. Zuloaga Square - photo
markerE City council of San Sebastián The City council of San Sebastián (Basque: Donostiako Udala, Spanish: Ayuntamiento de San Sebastián) is the institution that governs the Basque city of San Sebastián (Spain). Its premises are located in the former casino of the city next to the Bay of La Concha. The building was built up in 1887 at... City council of San Sebastián - photo
markerF María Cristina Bridge María Cristina Bridge (Basque: Maria Kristina zubia, Spanish: Puente de María Cristina) is a bridge over the Urumea river passing through the Basque city of San Sebastián (Spain). In 1893 was built a temporary wooden walkway that would allow direct access from downtown to the North Station, the bul... María Cristina Bridge - photo
markerG Kursaal convention centre The Kursaal Convention Center and Auditorium is a complex comprising several spaces: a great auditorium, many-use halls and exhibition halls. It was designed by Spanish architect Rafael Moneo, and is located in Donostia-San Sebastián (Basque Country, Spain). It opened in 1999. It consists of severa... Kursaal convention centre - photo
markerH Eugenia Victoria Theatre Eugenia Victoria Theatre - photo
markerI Anoeta Stadium Anoeta is a multi-purpose stadium in San Sebastián, Spain. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Real Sociedad. In recent years, it has also been used for occasional Heineken Cup rugby union fixtures by nearby French club Biarritz Olympique.Since the 2009–10 Top... Anoeta Stadium - photo
markerJ Hotel María Cristina Hotel María Cristina - photo

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Geographical coordinates: 43.3167, -1.9833
Approximate population: 186,122

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