Vil·la de Gràcia

Gracia or Vil·la de Gracia is now a district of the city of Barcelona. Before the implementation of the 'Cerdà Plan-Eixample' in 1897, was an isolated village near the city of Barcelona. Once annexed into the city, Gracia district has changed its appearance over the years although it preserves the true spirit of a 'village'.

The neighbourhood of Gracia is mainly characterized by its small houses, its narrow streets and a quiet environment. More lively are the squares, some of them are indeed very crowded (especially during the night) as 'Plaza del Sol', 'Plaza Diamant' and 'Plaza de la Vila de Gracia'. The latter one is the district's main square, the former Town Hall square in the city and its main characteristic is a large clock tower in the central part. This tower was built by the architect Antoni Trias i Rovira.

These squares and many others, such as 'Plaza of the Revolution of 1868' or 'Plaza de Rovira i Trias' in honor of the architect, have a fantastic night-life with a lot of entertainment and food sites. That is the reason why the district is quite busy by night and full of young people. Also, in one of the main streets (Verdi Street) you can find the famous Verdi Cinema where a lot of independent films are projected in original version.

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Neighbourhood Vila de Gràcia (Gràcia)
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Address 08024 Barcelona, Vil·la de Gràcia
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