Tossa de Mar Castle

Tossa Castle is a fortified medieval city part located in Tossa de Mar on Costa Brava. The construction is dating from the XII - XIV century and is currently one of the few medieval walled cities that remained in a fairly good condition on on the Catalan coast. In 1931 obtained the title of a National Artistic Historical Site.

The Vila Vella Tossa is named in Catalan the old city that was built on top of a cliff in a strategic area for sea control. It´s taks was to stop the constant pirate attacks that raged at the time.

The walled area of about 300 square meters consists of several houses scattered along winding streets, an early gothic style church dedicated to San Vicente and a castle. The ruins of the church are still preserved, but not of a castle. It was replaced with a lighthouse. Many of the old houses are still inhabited, inside of some there are restaurants. There are also two canons pointing to the see that have survived.

The site has seven towers inside the walls. The most prominent are the Clock Tower (la Torre del Reloj), located on the front door and Codolar Tower (la Torre de Codolar), located in what was the Governor's Palace near the creek and the Joanas, overlooking the sea. These towers stand out for its height and its construction completed in corbel.

Although it is recommended to see the castle on foot, you can take a train that runs periodically.

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Geographical coordinates 41.7162124, 2.9332120
Address 17320 Tossa de Mar, Carrer d'Albert del Castillo
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