Sopot Spa (Zakład Balneologiczny w Sopocie) is located in Sopot near the entrance to the tier. It was built in 1903 due to design of Paul Puchmüller and Heinrich Dunkel.

The building is decorated with sculptures and stained glass windows. Above the main portal are located: Siren and Triton statue and coat of arms (one of the oldest in Sopot). Treatment room windows have glass-stained windows by Ferdinand Müller from Quedlinburg. The chimney is located in the northeastern corner of the building and is enclosed by a tower.

The complex belongs to the Regional Rheumatology team named by Dr. Jadwiga Titz-Kosko, where you can enjoy: brining, cryotherapy, physiotherapy, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, inhalation treatments and rehabilitation of the motor system. In front of the building there is the fountain, to which water is pumped from the Fountain of St. Adalbert. It is a healing water (brine), 4.5% bromide, iodide.

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Inside of Sopot Spa you can also find: Lighthouse in Sopot ,

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Geographical coordinates 54.4452780, 18.5702780
Address Sopot, Grunwaldzka 1 - 3
Construction dates - 1903
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