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markerA The Crane in Gdańsk The Crane over the Motlawa River is the most characteristic and unmistaken symbol of Gdańsk. Back in the Middle Ages it was the largest port crane in Europe handling cargo and putting up ship masts. It also served as an uncommon city gate. The reconstructed driving mechanism inside, still in wor... The Crane in Gdańsk - photo
markerB Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers of 1970 The Monument to the fallen Shipyard Workers 1970 (Pomnik Poległych Stoczniowców 1970) was unveiled on 16 December 1980 near the entrance to what was then the Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk, Poland. It commemorates the 42 or more people killed during the Coastal cities events in December 1970. It was crea... Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers of 1970 - photo
markerC The Highland Gate in Gdańsk The Highland Gate in Gdańsk starts the so-called ‘Royal Route’, which takes you along Długa Street and the Długi Targ Street up to the Green Gate. Its builder, Hans Kramer of Saxony, erected it as a link in the chain of modern fortifications put up to frame the western city borders between 1574-... The Highland Gate in Gdańsk - photo
markerD Long Market The Long Market (Długi Targ) in Gdańsk, Poland, is one of the most notable tourist attractions of the city. It is situated between the end of Long Lane (Ulica Długa) and Green Gate (Brama Zielona). Established in about 13th century, initially as a merchant road leading to the oval market place. Soon... Long Market - photo
markerE Golden Gate in Gdańsk Golden Gate (Złota Brama) in Gdańsk, Poland, German Langgasser Tor, is one of the most notable tourist attractions of the city. It was raised in 1612–14 in place of the 13th century gothic gate (Brama Długouliczna). It is located at one end of Long Lane (Długa street, German: Langgasse), where, toge... Golden Gate in Gdańsk - photo
markerF Long Lane in Gdańsk The Long Lane (Długa Street) - the representative street of Gdansk, running through the center of the city. Together with its extension - street Długi Targ (Long Market), are called a Royal Route. In the thirteenth century, served as a trade highway. The street had an extension in the form of an ova... Long Lane in Gdańsk - photo
markerG PGE Arena Gdańsk The PGE Arena Gdańsk, previously called the Baltic Arena, is a football stadium in Gdańsk, Poland. It is used mostly for football matches and is the home stadium of Lechia Gdańsk. The Stadium is located on ul. Pokoleń Lechii Gdańsk ("Generations of Lechia Gdańsk street") in the northern part of the ... PGE Arena Gdańsk - photo
markerH Oliwa Cathedral Gdańsk Oliwa Archcathedral is a church located in Gdańsk, Oliwa district; dedicated to The Holy Trinity, Blessed Virgin Mary and St Bernard. The archcathedral in Oliwa is a three-nave basilica with a transept and a multisided closed presbytery, finished with an ambulatory. The façade is flanked by t... Oliwa Cathedral - photo
markerI Sopot Spa Sopot Spa (Zakład Balneologiczny w Sopocie) is located in Sopot near the entrance to the tier. It was built in 1903 due to design of Paul Puchmüller and Heinrich Dunkel. The building is decorated with sculptures and stained glass windows. Above the main portal are located: Siren and Triton statue a... Sopot Spa - photo
markerJ Lighthouse in Sopot Lighthouse in Sopot - the navigation facility on the Polish Baltic coast, located in Sopot. Built in 1903-4 as a part of Balneological Institute. Since reducing the extent of the light to 7 nautical miles (13 km; 8 mi), according to existing criteria in that matter, it is no longer formally a lighth... Lighthouse in Sopot - photo

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