Ski resort Czyrna-Solisko in Szczyrk

Ski resort Czyrna-Solisko in Szczyrk is one of the biggest ski resorts in Poland, located in the Silesian Beskids (Barania Mountain) on the northern slopes of the Małe Skrzyczne (1 211 m above sea level) and Wierch Pośredni (990 m). The resort has two lower stations north - Czyrna (closer to the center of Szczyrk) and south - Solisko (closer Salmopolska Pass).

There are 13 ski slopes 2 of them officially approved by FIS to perform ski competitions. All lifts in the ski resort are t-bar type. There are 22km. of slopes with different level of difficulty. Two of them have lights so night skiing is also possible.

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Geographical coordinates 49.6827220, 18.9741940
Address Szczyrk,
Length 22.00
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