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Szczyrk [ʂt​͡ʂɨrk] ( German: Schirk ) is a town in the Beskid Śląski mountains of southern Poland, situated in the valley of the Żylica river. It is part of the Silesian Voivodeship (since 1999), previously being part of the Bielsko-Biała Voivodeship (1975–1998). It has a population of 5,810 people (2004).

Szczyrk - tourist attractions

markerA Sanctuary in Szczyrk Sanctuary of Our Lady in Szczyrk (Sanctuary "on the Hill") - Marian shrine located in the northern part of the city Szczyrk, at an altitude of 670 m above the sea level, in a place popularly known as the "hill" (hence the other name: Sanctuary on the Hill). It is located near the tourist route from ... Sanctuary in Szczyrk - photo
markerB Parish of St. Jacob in Szczyrk The parish of St. James in Szczyrk is a Roman Catholic parish in Szczyrk. It was erected in 1797. The historic wooden parish church dates from the 1800 and has a baroque furnishings. Parish of St. Jacob in Szczyrk - photo
markerC Ski resort COS OPO in Szczyrk Ski Resort in Szczyrk (Central - Olympic Training Center in Szczyrk) is a ski centre  the Silesian Beskids mountain range on the northern slope of Skrzyczne (1 257 m). The resort has five lifts: 2 chairlifts and 3 t-bar lifts.  In total the resort is offering 13.4 km of pistes of varying difficulty... Ski resort COS OPO in Szczyrk - photo
markerD Ski resort Czyrna-Solisko in Szczyrk Ski resort Czyrna-Solisko in Szczyrk is one of the biggest ski resorts in Poland, located in the Silesian Beskids (Barania Mountain) on the northern slopes of the Małe Skrzyczne (1 211 m above sea level) and Wierch Pośredni (990 m). The resort has two lower stations north - Czyrna (closer to the cen... Ski resort Czyrna-Solisko in Szczyrk - photo

Relevant data

Geographical coordinates: 49.7167, 19.0333
Approximate population: 5,860

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