Sanctuary of Virgin Nuria

The Sanctuary of Virgin Nuria is a Baroque church located in the valley of Nuria (Valle de Nuria), more than 1,700 meters above sea level near the town of Queralbs in Catalonia, and also near the French border.

The beginnings of the building date back to the Middle Ages, at which time a hospital was built to house the pilgrims ( Domus Hospitalis S Mariae de Annúria) along with a chapel in which was the sculpture in pre-Romanesque style, the was reserved till nowadays.

An earthquake in the year 1428 destroyed the chapel and it had to be rebuilt later. Several reconstructions were performed, most prominently was the one that recreated the baroque sanctuary between 1640 and 1648. The present church was begun in 1911 by architect Calixte Freixa.

The year Spanish Civil War broke out the president of the temple was exiled to France, taking with him the carving. He wanted to save the sculpture and prevent the burning of church by anarchists. It remained hidden in Switzerland till year 1941 when it was returned to the valley.

In the neighbourhood of the Sanctuary are the chapel of San Gil, hotel and hostel. The valley is surrounded by mountains with a lake.

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Geographical coordinates 42.4904044, 2.1530560
Address Vall de Núria, Vall de Nuria
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