Przemysław Hill Poznań

Przemysław Hill (formerly Castle Hill, unoficially Mountain Przemyslaw) is a slightly elevated part of the Old Town Square in Poznan, located on west of the Old Market. The Mount of Przemysl is considered the area between the streets: 23 Lutego, Ludgardy, National Museum and alleys Marcinkowskiego.

During the location of Poznań (1253) the hill was the dominant element of the foundation of a new city, which moved here from the Cathedral Island. The hill was used to locate a small castle, which was forming a part of city fortifictions.

Przemysław Hill area is a popular place for recreation. Is also one of the most photographed area of Old Town.
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Inside of Przemysław Hill Poznań you can also find: Royal Castle, Poznań , Church of St. Anthony of Padua and Franciscan Monastery .

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Geographical coordinates 52.4094963, 16.9321446
Address 62-081 Poznań, Zamkowa 1

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