Palace in Sorkwity

Palace in Sorkwity is a palace and a park located in the village Sorkwity in the county ofWarmia and Mazury. Built between 1850-1856 in the Neo-Gothic style as the seat of the Prussian noble family von Mirbach and then a relative of the family von Paleske.

The palace was a large built in red brick structure resembling a castle. It had a fortified tower, coach house and the surrounding park. Was located in the neighbourhood of the peninsula of Lake Lampackie with many alleys, numerous gardens, a vineyard and ancestral graveyard of family Mirbach.

The palace has a shape similar to the letter U. It is rich in towers and pinnacles that adorn the facade. The windows in the residence are of various sizes, usually ogival. The roof is flat.

Source of description: planerGO

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Geographical coordinates 53.8413546, 21.1343488
Address 11-731 Sorkwity, Trasa 16
Construction dates 1850 - 1856

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