Warmian-Masurian - tourist attractions

markerA Malbork Castle Malbork Castle is one of the biggest Gothic castles in the world. In 1997 it was added to the list of UNESCO. This defence fortress is composed of 3 parts: low castle, medium castle and high castle. From year 1309 till 1457 the castle was the main residence of the grand master of Teutonic Order and ... Malbork Castle - photo
markerB Palace in Sorkwity Palace in Sorkwity is a palace and a park located in the village Sorkwity in the county ofWarmia and Mazury. Built between 1850-1856 in the Neo-Gothic style as the seat of the Prussian noble family von Mirbach and then a relative of the family von Paleske. The palace was a large built in red brick ... Palace in Sorkwity - photo
markerC Palace in Galiny Palace in Galiny - photo

Warmian-Masurian - Tourist attractions

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