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The Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona consists of the Museum of Zoology, the Museum of Geology, the Botanical Garden in Montjuïc, and the new Museu Blau (Blue Museum), opened in March 2011.

The buildings of the museum are located in three different parts of the city: Ciutadella Park and Montjuïc Mountain. Ciutadella Park is home to the Martorell Museum (Old Geology Building) and the Laboratory of Nature at the Castell dels Tres Dragons (the Castle of the Three Dragons and the Old Zoology Museum), while Montjuïc houses the Botanical Garden and the Botanical Institute. Since March 2011, a third location was added as the Museu Blau was opened in one of the buildings of Barcelona's Forum precinct.

The Castle of the Three Dragons was originally planned to be a cafe-restaurant and was designed by Lluis Domenech i Muntaner in the Modernist style for the 1888 Universal Exhibition in Barcelona. The building of the Martorell Museum, on the other hand, was designed by the architect Antoni Rovira i Trias in the Neoclassical style. It was also the first building in the city to house a public museum. The newly opened Museum Blau is a landmark building located in the Park Forum, designed by architects Herzog and De Meuron. The large building houses the museum covering a space of 9,000 square meters and hold various collections related to botany, zoology or palaeontology.

The collections of the Natural Sciences Museum consists of about five million specimens. Together they represent the flora and fauna as well as the geology of Catalunya and many of them are well-preserved thanks to the efforts of various scientists working for the museum. They include, among others, the zoological collections of invertebrates, arthropods and vertebrates, the collections of mineralogy, petrology, palaeontology, and the collections of seeds and plants.

In the future, a marine zoo will be opened in the vicinity of the Museum Blau.

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