London Trocadero

The London Trocadero is an entertainment and leisure complex located in the city of London in the London borough of the City of Westminster. It stands in the street that connects Piccadilly Circus with Leicester Square, Coventry Street. It also has an entry in Shaftesbury Avenue.

The center brings together different historical buildings in London including the London Pavilion, which was a vaudeville and a music hall in the West End, the theatre neighborhood par excellence.

In the nineties, thanks to sponsorship from Pepsi and SEGA, London Trocadero opened SegaWorld, an entertainment set based in video-games in which almost all the areas in the Mall were involved, even an escalator was used to this purpose. Today, it still contains areas of entertainment such as Gamerbase among all the restaurants, cinemas and shops.

The name of the complex comes from the Battle of Trocadero in 1823.

Source of description: planerGO

Inside of London Trocadero you can also find: London Pavilion ,

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Neighbourhood Westminster (LONDON)
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Geographical coordinates 51.5108220, -0.1336159
Address W1D 7 City of London, Coventry Street 1
Opening date 1984
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