Güell Palace

Güell Palace (Palau Güell in Catalan) is located on Carrer Nou de la Rambla, close to Las Ramblas and the port of Barcelona. It is a nineteenth-century Modernist building designed by Antoni Gaudi.

The building was designed on the request of Count Eusebi Güell y Bacigalupi. The nobleman was a textile industrialist and politician, who had great influence on history of Catalonia. In addition, he was an enthusiastic and patron of Antonio Gaudi's art. At the beginning of his career, the artist didn't have too many supporters of his art, which is the reason why many of his projects and works were rejected by private investors and the City Council.

Even Count Eusebi, who had a great sympathy for Gaudi, believed that his innovative architectural idea might not appeal to the audience. Entrusted him to design a "small town" in the Güell, this was to become a representative and comfortable residence for him and his family. The task ordered Gaudi to design the church, the palace and several smaller buildings. In 1923, the family gave this ground to the city authorities, called Park Güell.

The construction of Güell Palace began in 1886 and ended around 1889, when the decorative works were still lasted. In 1888 some of the celebrations of the World exhibition, held in Barcelona in this year, were transferred to the Park Güell in a time when the Count family was living there. Since 1910 in palace lived the magnate's daughter, Mercè Güell. The family left their small town definitely in 1945, in this moment Park   Güell was redeemed by the regional authorities of Barcelona with all buildings and areas around them. In the palace was opened a Museum of Performing Arts.
During the 80s of 20th century was begun a depth restoration of the palace. Initially, tourist could visit the first floor, but gradually the renovations included the entire building. The original appearance of the Palace Güell has been a little bit modified, but it is still considered as one of the most outstanding works of Antoni Gaudi. Since 1986, the Güell Palace is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

External appearance of the building, due to the raw timber, can be seem as overwhelming and unfriendly but Gaudi with its artistic craftsmanship made an impression of weightlessness, filled with monumental and colorful ornaments. On finials of the building, in the shape of arcs, appear the initials of the owner ("EG") and in the center is crest of Catalonia. The building is richly decorated with ornamental iron lace. The huge doors were carved in gray stone, which was imported from the private Count Güell quarry. Their size was not accidental, because thanks to that it was easier for the guests to come inside to the courtyard without getting out of carriages or dismounting of horses. In the palace's basement were built stables parking for different types of vehicles. On the façade, the windows are covered with wooden blinds, ceramic decorations and the balcony is decorated with pergola.

When Gaudi was designing the interior of the palace, he tried to strike a balance between splendor characteristic for the upper classes to emphasis the social position of family and a delicate and dignified elegance. The most important role in the apartment fulfills the light - thanks to it the palace obtains the unique character. The circular ornaments and dome make an impression like the central living room would be a planetarium. There is also a chapel, built into the wall, and all other rooms are focus around this main hall.
While being in the Palace Güell, we should look at the roof, which together with a dome creates a cone. Chimneys have a shape of small fir trees and the vent become a masterpiece in themselves not just decorative elements.
The Palace Güell is decorated with colorful mosaics, modernist reliefs, cubist patterns - it is a mixture of all types of styles and genuine expression of author's creativity. Items on the roof became the most recognizable elements of the Palace Güell and Gaudi's pride.

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Neighbourhood El Raval (Ciutat Vella)
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UNESCO 320bis
Geographical coordinates 41.3791765, 2.1743672
Address 08001 Barcelona, Carrer Nou de la Rambla 3
Construction dates 1886 - 1900
Opening date 1900
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