Guardhouse in Poznan

The oldest mention of the wooden building of the municipal guard is from the early eighteenth century. The present Neoclassical edifice was built in the years 1783-1787 to a design by Jan Chrystian Kamsetzer on the initiative of Kazimierz Raczyński, the governor of Wielkopolska and the chairman of the Poznań Commission of Good Order. It is a rather small building with a four-column recess on the front and sandstone sculptures on the attic. The composition above the entrance depicts two female figures blowing bugles that flank the coat of arms of Poland. The cartouche on the left features the Nałęcz coat of arms of the Raczyński family and there is the crest of the city of Poznań on the right. Mounted above the entrance is a plaque with the Latin foundation engraving and the date 1787.

The guardhouse now features the Museum of the Wielkopolska Uprising 1918-1919 (branch of the Wielkopolska Museum of Independence Struggles).

Source of description: by strona Urzędu Miasta Poznania

Inside of Guardhouse in Poznan you can also find: Wielkopolska Uprising Museum ,

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Geographical coordinates 52.4083367, 16.9329121
Address Poznań, Stary Rynek 3
Construction dates 1783 - 1787

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