Fabra Observatory

Fabra Observatory (Observatorio Fabra in Catalan) is an astronomical observatory located on a hill Collserola, part of Tibidabo Mountain, 415 meters above sea level in Barcelona.

Today is the seat of the Academy of Arts and Sciences Real (Real Academia de las Ciencias y las Artes de Barcelona). Functions as an astronomical observatory mainly engaged in observing comets and asteroids. In addition to the astronomical section also have departments involved in earthquake detection and the collection of meteorological data.

Owes its name creator of the project Camil Fabra y Fontanillsm, which was estimated industrialist and ex-president of Barcelona. He donated part of his fortune to the Academy project while after the two other were deemed unnecessary after their inauguration. The Observatory has both modern measuring tools and those which remember the beginnings of the 20th century but still work well. For example seismographs or Mailhat telescope with a diameter of 38 cm from 1904.

The building was designed by Josep Domenech y Estapa opened on 4 April 1904 in the times of King Alfonso XIII. It is the fourth oldest observatory in the world that still operates.
Fabra Observatory offers other attractions for tourist and residents in addition to sightseeing, including nocturnal guided tours and dinner under the stars in summer nights.

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Neighbourhood Tibidabo i les Planes (Sarrià-Sant Gervasi)
Price definition of price normal : 2.00 child : 0.00 (age <7)
Geographical coordinates 41.4200599, 2.1216688
Address 08035 Barcelona, Camí a l'Observatori
Opening date 1904
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