FC Barcelona Museum

FC Barcelona Museum is the museum of the football team FC Barcelona located near the Camp Nou. It was inaugurated on 24 September 1984 when the president of the club was Josep Lluís Nuñez and at the beginning it occupied an area of 950 square meters covering two floors. It was renovated three times in its history, in 1987, 1994, when it doubled in size and opened new facilities, such as the Documentation Centre, and 1997, when it was expanded to 3550 square meters and opened the "FC Botiga Megastore", where you can buy all sorts of items related to FC Barcelona.

Currently the museum is divied into four main areas: the historical museum, the art collection, the temporary exhibitions, and the Paul Ornaque's Futbolart collection, which is considered one of the best private collections dedicated to football in the world.   

The museum's windows are lined with different trophies the club has collected throughout its history spanning over 100 years, as well as an exhibition of photographs depicting the most memorable moments in the club' history and the club's important players. You can also see 6 cups which FC Barcelona  won in 2009, an unforgettable season for the club.

With over 1,2 million visitors each year, it is the second most visited museum in Barcelona (ranking only behind the Picasso Museum).

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Geographical coordinates 41.3784865, 2.1211640
Address 08028 Barcelona, Carrer d'ArĂ­stides Maillol 1
Opening date 1984
Area 35.50
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