Church of the Three Saints Hierarchs in Kharkov

Orthodox hierarchs of the Three Saints in Kharkov - Orthodox Church in Kharkov, Kharkov Eparchy belonging to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate.

The temple was built and designed by Mikhail Lowcow (Annunciation cathedral designer earlier in Kharkov), directed the work from 1907, after the death of Lowcow, Vladimir Pokrovsky.

The foundation stone was laid for the construction of the object 2 September 1906. The construction work lasted for eight years. The iconostasis for the church was made in Italy according to the sketch Pokrovsky.The frescoes on the walls of the building made ​​the painter arrived from St. Petersburg, Alexei Sokolov. The building was constructed entirely of brick. The total cost of erection of the church closed in the sum of 200 thousand. rubles.It was designed for the simultaneous participation of 650 people in worship. Dedication of the church took place on May 29, 1915, a ceremony presided by the Metropolitan of Kiev and Halych Flawian (Horodecki), except it took part in it Sumski Bishop Theodore (Lebedev) and Volyn Metropolitan Anthony (Chrapowicki).After the October Revolution, in 1923, the church has been adapted for warehouse, which stored such objects from other temples confiscated by the Bolsheviks. In 1925, however, the church was reopened for the faithful and remained active until the outbreak of World War II and again from 1941. In 1944 the Soviet authorities registered with her acting as an active Orthodox parish pastoral outpost.

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Geographical coordinates 49.9745140, 36.2293160
Address Kharkiv, Kinnoi Armii
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