Chrobry Embankment

Chrobry Embankment (Wały Chrobrego), formerly known as Haken's Terraces, comprises predominantly of 500-meter long terraces situated alongside the Odra River. Since the moment of its construction, between 1900-1914, it has been recognised as the most famous architectural icon of Szczecin.

The original name was derived from the name of Hermann Haken, the then Mayor of Stettin. After the Second World War, which the object survived through without being damaged, the new Polish authorities held the policy of obliterating traces of German heritage, the new name (reffering to the Slavic history of the area during Medieval Times) was invented.

The highest terrace is lying 19 meters above the Odra River level. The extensive stairs are leading from that top tarrace through the other ones directly to the Odra River. Finally, Chrobry Embankment is richly embellished with Classical style statues, a fountain at the bottom of the whole object and the two lighthouse-like porches with columnades at the top terrace. 

Together with the buildings of the National Museum, the Westpomeranian Governor's Office and the Maritime Academy, Chrobry Embankment form the most important part of the waterfront of Szczecin.

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Geographical coordinates 53.4300000, 14.5650000
Address Szczecin, Wały Chrobrego

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