Chapel on Śnieżka

Saint Joseph's Oratory on Śnieżka (Chapel on Śnieżka) is a historic oratory on Śnieżka near Karpacz in Lower Silesia, in the district of Jelenia Góra.

Located in south-western Poland, in the eastern part of the Giant Mountains at the top of the highest hill of the Sudety, about 5.3 km. south-west of the centre of Karpacz.

The oratory is the highest built monument of Baroque art in Poland and the highest located active religious building. Every year on 10 August, takes place a solemn mass (at an altitude of 1602 m. above sea level).

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Architect definition of architect Bartłomiej Nantwig
Style definitin of style Baroque
Category definition of category church
Material definition of material
Price definition of price
Geographical coordinates 50.7360340, 15.7397550
Address Karpacz,
Construction dates 1665 - 1681
Height 14.00

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