Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is a palace located in the London borough of the City of Westminster. Currently the palace works as the first residence of the British monarchy. Nevertheless, the palace is owned by the United Kingdom and doesn't belong to the monarchy.

The palace was initially thought as a small residence for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. The palace was built by the architect Sir William Winde and later it was redesigned and expanded until the palace we see today. The first construction had a large, three-floored central block with two smaller flanking service wings.

Then, Buckingham House was sold by Buckingham's descendant, Sir Charles Sheffield, in 1761 to George III who acquired it as a private residence but continued using St. James's Palace as the official residence. After the death of George III, his son George IV decided to expand and remodel the residence and commissioned the project to John Nash, who built a neoclassical building of stone that is fundamentally as we see today. However, until 1837 would not become officially a royal residence until the arrival of Queen Victoria to the throne. In front of Buckingham Palace one can see in effect a  memorial dedicated to her by two of her grandchildren, the Victoria Memorial.

The entrance of the palace had the Marble Arch but during the reign of Queen Victoria it was moved to Hyde Park, near the Speaker's Corner. Nobody knows about the real reason to move the Arch.

The entrance of the palace had a marble arch during the reign of Queen Victoria was moved to Hyde Park, near the Speaker's Corner.

The palace gardens are the largest private gardens in London. They were redesinged by William Townsend Aiton and John Nash in 1823. The gardens have an artificial lake which is supplied with water from the Serpentine Lake a river which runs through Hyde Park.

Each summer, the months of August and September, the west wing of the palace is opened to receive tourists. Also, one of the biggest attractions is the 'Changing of the Guard' that takes place daily from May to July around 11.30 pm and on alternate days the rest of the year. The changing of the Palace Queen's Guard takes place during 45 minutes and is accompanied by the Royal Guard's Band.

In the vicinity of the palace there is The Mall, a reddish path which reminds the carpet of the great ceremonies and is used to access into the palace in great ocasions, such as the annual State Opening of Parliament as well as Trooping the Colour each year, and State meetings

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Inside of Buckingham Palace you can also find: Victoria Memorial ,

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Neighbourhood Westminster (LONDON)
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Geographical coordinates 51.5020640, -0.1410713
Address SW1A 1 City of London, Spur Rd
Construction dates 1703 - 1823
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