Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden is located on the Mount Montjuïc at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Barcelona.

The Museum consists of several buildings of different locations (Three Dragons Castle, Martorell building in Ciutadella and Museum Blau in Auditorium Parc del Forum). Together with part of the buildings, the Botanical Garden is located in the center of the "lungs of Barcelona" as it is called Montjuïc Mountain.

In the garden you can find different species of plants native and exotic also one of the largest libraries in Catalonia. There is a department of the Botanical Institute of Barcelona, Research Centre (Ayuntamiento de Barcelona and the CSIC), which develops new scientific methods related to botany.

Botanical Garden was founded in 1930 by dr Pius Font Quer in quarry "Foixarda" on the Montjuïc Mountain. The garden was closed before the Olympics in 1992 because of ongoing construction work. It was re-opened in October 2003.

It should be emphasized that the land on which the Botanic Garden is found today, was once a municipal landfill. This area was rebuilt by an interdisciplinary team of specialists, consisting of botanists, geologists, biologists, and architects. Todda it is a popular touristic destination.

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Neighbourhood Montjuic (Sants-Montjuïc)
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Geographical coordinates 41.3627878, 2.1567331
Address 08038 Barcelona, Carrer del Doctor Font i Quer
Opening date 1930
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