Bolós Pharmacy

Bolós Pharmacy is a small jewel of Catalan modernism still active remains in the heart of Eixample. It is located in the Rambla de Catalunya.

It was the work of two of the best examples of Catalan modernist movement, such as Antoni Falguera and Josep Domènech. The first was hired by the first owner of the pharmacy, Antoni Roig Novellas, at the beginning of the twentieth century to decorate the interior, while the second was responsible for the design of the entrance. Later, around 1927 the pharmacy was sold to the family Bolós, current owner,remaining the original structure, with its mahogany furniture, stained glass and original design of the facade.

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This object belongs to Rambla de Catalunya
Neighbourhood Antiga Esquerra de l'Eixample (Eixample)
Price definition of price gratis
Geographical coordinates 41.3917227, 2.1622976
Address 08007 Barcelona, Rambla de Catalunya 77
Opening date 1902
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