The Agbar Tower (Torre Agbar), situated on the Diagonal Street near the Glorias Square, is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Barcelona. Being approximately 145 meters tall, it is the third tallest building in Barcelona, smaller only than Torre Mapfre and Hotel Arts. The tower was built as part of the modernization project of the industrial district of Poblenou. Currently, it is the headquarters of the Barcelona water company, Aigües de Barcelona.

The Agbar Tower was designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel and its shape resembles a geyser rising into the air. According to the architect, the design was inspired by Montserrat mountain situated close to the city of Barcelona as well as one of the towers of Sagrada Família. However, the tower has always provoked controversy due to its phallic shape.

The structure of the tower is entirely composed of concrete and glass, however the most distinctive feature of the building is its illumination, visible especially in the evening and at night. The façade of the tower is covered with over 18,000 LEDs - light-emitting diodes shining in different colour spectra, especially in different shades of blue and red. The colours are constantly changing depending on the temperature which causes different shapes and patterns to form around the cylinder of the tower. On approximately 38 floors there are plenty of offices, while 4 of them are located underground. At the top of the building there is an overlook.

The building was officially opened on 16 September 2005.

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a symbol of modern Barcelona The Agbar Tower (Torre Agbar in Spanish) is one of the best symbols of a modern Barcelona visible from many parts of the city. Nevertheless I have never entered inside, there are some discotheques that might be of your interest to see in the night (during your stay in Barna). During the day this b... rating 1 rating 2 rating 3 rating 4 rating 5 2011-10-16 12:42:11
Neighbourhood El Clot (Sant Martí)
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Geographical coordinates 41.4037564, 2.1895595
Address 08018 Barcelona, Av Diagonal 211
Construction dates 1999 - 2004
Opening date 2005
Height 144.00
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