Park Wilsona w Poznaniu

Wilson Park in Poznan is one of the most beautiful parks in the city. Has an area of ​​7.2 ha, and its origins date back to 1834, when it was purchased by the "Society for Beautifying the City". They created a plantation of trees which were later on planted in various places in Poznań. In 1902 the Society gave the school to the city and made park available to the public. It was the first botanical park in Poznań (arrangement of the park was completed in 1904, designed by Herman Kube).

In 1910 the Palm House was constructed inside of the park. After the war, in 1926, the park get a patron of the U.S. President Thomas Woodrow Wilson. In 1928 a park fountain was built. On July 4, 1931 Ignacy Jan Paderewski founded the monument of the president, which revealed the widow of President (President of Poland Ignacy Moscicki), and president of Poznan Cyril Ratajski. The author of a sculpture was Gutzon Borglum - the author of George Washington's face carved in the hillside of Mount Rushmore. Monument was destroyed by the Nazis.

Revitalization of the park took place in 1993 and 1994. It consists of restoring the fence and gate sculptures dating back 1929 by Edward Haupt. In the park are two tree natural monuments: plane tree trunk with a circumference of 410 cm and willow with a circumference of 430 cm.

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Coordenadas geográficas 52.4011032, 16.9015768
Dirección Poznań, Park Wilsona
Fechas de construcción 1834 -
área 7.20

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