Heysel Plateau

The Heysel Exhibition Park is the place in the north of the centre of Brussels, Belgium, where the Brussels International Exposition (1935) and the Expo '58 took place.

The Atomium, built for the World's Fair of 1958, is the most impressive monument in the Heysel Park. The Centenary Palace is one of the remaining buildings of the World's Fair of 1935. Currently it's still being used for trade fairs.

The Heysel Park is also the location of the Heysel Stadium, built in 1930. After the Heysel Stadium disaster of 1985, which claimed the lives of 39 spectators at the European Cup final, it was rebuilt and renamed the King Baudouin Stadium.

Other interesting places on the Heysel are a large movie theatre (Kinepolis), a park which hosts miniature models of famous European buildings ( Mini-Europe ), a subtropical water park (Océade) and a planetarium.

It is also the venue for the 32nd Eurovision Song Contest Grand Prix in 1987.

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