Toledo - military structures

markerA Puerta del Sol in Toledo Puerta del Sol is a city gate of Toledo, Spain, built in the late 14th century by the Knights Hospitaller. The medallion above the arch of the gate depicts the ordination of the Visigothic Ildephonsus, Toledo's patron saint. The name of the gate comes from the sun and the moon that were once painted... Puerta del Sol in Toledo - photo
markerB Puerta Nueva de Bisagra Puerta Nueva de Bisagra, is the gateway to the ancient part of Toledo, named in that way because in the neighbourhood there is another - older and smaller gate - La Puerta Antigua. This monumental gateway is part of the city walls of Toledo (Castilla-La Mancha, Spain). The modern name comes from its... Puerta Nueva de Bisagra - photo
markerC Castle of San Servando The Castle of San Servando (Spanish: Castillo de San Servando) is a medieval castle in Toledo, Spain, next the Tagus River. It was begun as a monastery in 1088, three years after the city was conquered by the Christian army of Alfonso VI of Castile. Later it was converted into a fortress to protect... Castle of San Servando - photo
markerD Puerta de Bisagra The Puerta de Bisagra (originally Bab al-Saqra, also called 'Puerta de Alfonso VI ') is a city gate of Toledo, Spain, built in the 10th century, in the time of the taifa of Toledo. It is also called 'Bisagra Antigua' to distinguish it from the Puerta de Bisagra Nueva which was built in 1559. The gat... Puerta de Bisagra - photo
markerE Cambrón Gate The Cambrón Gate (Puerta del Cambron) is a gate located in the west of the city of Toledo, accessible from this part through the wall.Its name derives from the thorny plants, thorn, that grew in this place. Its present appearance is the result of reconstruction work from 1572 to 1577 that was rename... Cambrón Gate - photo

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Name Toledo
Region Castile-La Mancha
Country Spain (ES)
Population 82,489 inhabitants

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