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markerA Imperial Castle in Poznań The Imperial Castle in Poznań, popularly called Zamek is a palace in Poznań, Poland. It was constructed in 1910 by Franz Schwechten for William II, German Emperor, with a significant input from William himself. Since its completion, the building has housed government offices of Germany (to 1918 and ... Imperial Castle in Poznań - photo
markerB Palace Działyński in Poznan The palace was erected for the Great Lithuanian Marshall Władysław Gurowski and replaced two medieval houses located along the west side of the old market square. Antoni Höhne rebuilt it in the years 1785-87 in the mixture of Neoclassical and Baroque styles (it is one of the first Neoclassical b... Palace Działyński in Poznan - photo
markerC Górka Palace in Poznan Górka Palace in Poznan is the municipal residence of great splendour that belonged to a prominent Wielkopolskan family was erected in the years 1544-48 and it replaced old Gothic burgher houses. Built for Andrzej Górka of the Łodzia coat of arms, the governor of Wielkopolska, the palace of recta... Górka Palace in Poznan - photo
markerD Palatium in Poznań Palatium in Poznań - princely palace from age of early Piast dynasty. Later inhibited by kings, built in the western part of Poznan Cathedral Island probably in the mid-tenth century. Palace was under the present church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, had a rectangular shape and was set on the north-sou... Palatium in Poznań - photo

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Name Poznań
Region Greater Poland
Country Poland (PL)
Population 556,022 inhabitants

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