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markerA Basilica of Santa Maria Novella Santa Maria Novella is a church in Florence, Italy, situated just across from the main railway station which shares its name. Chronologically, it is the first great basilica in Florence, and is the city's principal Dominican church. The church, the adjoining cloister, and chapterhouse contain a sto... Basilica of Santa Maria Novella - photo
markerB Pazzi Chapel The Pazzi Chapel (Cappella dei Pazzi) is a religious building in Florence, central Italy, considered to be one of the masterpieces of Renaissance architecture. It is located in the "first cloister"of the Basilica di Santa Croce. Though funds for the chapel were assembled in 1429 by Andrea Pazzi, he... Pazzi Chapel - photo
markerC Florence Cathedral Florence Cathedral - photo
markerD Basilica of Santa Croce Basilica of Santa Croce - photo

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Name Florence
Region Tuscany
Country Italy (IT)
Population 370,000 inhabitants