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markerA The Capitoline Wolf The Capitoline Wolf is placed in the Capitoline Museum in Rome. It is one of the most characteristic and recognizable symbols of the city. There is a legend relating to the wolf and describing how the city was planted. According to it, King Alba Longa, because of the fear of loosing the trone, forc... The Capitoline Wolf - photo
markerB The Turtle Fountain The Turtle Fountain (Fontana delle Tartarughe) is placed in the Piazza Mattei in the centre of Rome. It was designed by the architect Giacomo delola Porta and the sculptor Taddeo Landini. The fountain was created between 1580 and 1588. The first construction plan anticipated that the fountain would... The Turtle Fountain - photo

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Name Rome
Region Lazio
Country Italy (IT)
Population 2,761,477 inhabitants

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