Skovshoved Petrol Station

The Skovshoved Petrol Station (Skovshoved Tankstation) is an historic, still-operating filling station in Skovshoved at the northern outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark. First opened in 1936, it was designed by Arne Jacobsen and is an example of the functionalist style typical of the time. It is Class A listed and was thoroughly restored in 2002. The filling station was originally commissioned by Texaco but is now operated by Uno-X.

Whilst the pumps and the roof are still used as petrol station, the cashiers building now houses a shop, selling ice-cream, with no relation to the petrol-station business and operation.

The exterior of the building is dominated by the projecting oval canopy, colloquially known as The Mushroom (Paddehatten). It offers shade and shelter for filling motorists but, illuminated from beneath, also doubles as a sign at night.

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Geographical coordinates 55.7631000, 12.5994000
Address 2920 Skovshoved, Kystvejen
Construction dates - 1936
Opening date 1936

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