Russian Academy of Sciences

The Russian Academy of Sciences (Russian: Росси́йская акаде́мия нау́к, Rossi'iskaya akade'miya nau'k, shortened to РАН, RAN) consists of the national academy of Russia and a network of scientific research institutes from across the Russian Federation as well as additional scientific and social units like libraries, publishing units and hospitals. With headquarters in Moscow, the Academy (RAS) is declared as a civil, self-governed, non-commercial organization chartered by the Government of Russia.

The Russian Academy of Sciences of a large number of research institutions, including: Member institutions are linked by a dedicated Russian Space Science Internet (RSSI). Russian universities and technical institutes are not under the supervision of the RAS (they are subordinated to the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation), but a number of leading universities, such as Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University, Novosibirsk State University and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, make use of the staff and facilities of many institutes of the RAS (as well as of other research institutions); the MIPT faculty refers to this arrangement as the "Phystech System".

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