Poznań University of Economics

The Poznań University of Economics is one of the most prestigious business schools in Poland.
The Poznań University of Economics (PUE) is a major academic institution in the western part of the country attracting students from many parts of Poland. It is the biggest and oldest business university in the region of Wielkopolska. Its origins go back to 1926, when the Foundation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry founded the College of Commerce. As a private school, it had no authority to grant degrees. The school was given the authority in 1938 and, in the same year, was named the University of Commerce.

In 1950, there were 2026 students attending the University. In that year, the University was taken over by the state and renamed the Higher School of Economics, initially with two faculties, then three. In 1954, the University ran uniform five-year courses leading to a Master’s degree.

In 1974, the school was named the University of Economics and was granted the authority to award the following degrees: doctor of economic sciences and doctor of commodity science.
In 1990, the Poznań University of Economics fundamentally restructured its faculties, courses, specialisations and curricula. While the years 1998-2000 witnessed a further growth in the number of students, the University’s strategy emphasises continuous improvement in education quality. Changes in syllabuses make it possible to aim at European educational standards in all major fields of training and specialisation.

Presently, PUE specialises in educating economists, managers and specialists in quality management in all sectors of the economy. It offers all academic degrees: Master of Arts, Master of Science, Doctorate and Habilitation (mgr, dr, dr hab.) in three study modes (day, evening and extramural).

In the academic year 2010/2011, there were altogether app. 15,000 students enrolled. The main campus of the university is located in Poznań, but the University offers its courses also in seven other locations (colleges of higher education) situated within a distance of 30-100 km from Poznań.

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