Parliament of Norway Building

The Parliament of Norway Building (Stortingsbygningen) is the seat of the Parliament of Norway, located in central Oslo. The building was taken into use on 5 March 1866.

Following the establishment of the Parliament of Norway in 1814, which had happened at a private home in Eidsvoll, the newly established legislature started meeting at Christiania lærde Skole. From 1854, the legislature started using the grand hall at the Royal Frederick University. However, proposals of an own parliament building had arisen. The parliament voted down a government proposal to create such a building in 1833. The government decided to build in the Palace Park, and this was passed by the parliament. However, instead the government chose to purchase the current plot.

A design competition was initiated in 1856, a proposal from the Swedish architect Emil Victor Langlet was chosen on 18 May 1860. Construction started on 3 August 1860, and the cornerstone was laid on 10 October 1861. The building cost NOK 957,332. The parliament moved in on 5 March 1866. Initially, the building was too large for the needs of the legislature, and several other government agencies.

As the parliament has expanded, these various agencies have moved out. During the Second World War, the building was taken over by the German forces, and at first used as barracks. From 1951 to 1959, a four-story office building was built at the back of the building. The courtyard was filled in, and the chamber expanded. This work was led by architect Nils Holter.

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