Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre

The Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre or Centro Niemeyer (Spanish: Centro Cultural Internacional Oscar Niemeyer) is the result of the combination of a cultural complex designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer and an international cultural project. The center is located on the estuary of Avilés, Asturias (Spain). It was inaugurated on the 26 of May 2011.

The architect described the Niemeyer Centre as "An open square to the humankind, a place for education, culture and peace".

It is possible to see the buildings from different places, even from the air. Its size and white, red and yellow colours highlight its location in the landscape of the town. The Niemeyer Centre is formed by five main elements that complement each other:

The main features in Oscar Niemeyer’s work are the curves. But also the colours: mainly white, red, yellow and blue this is because of the influence in his work of the (Neoplasticism).

The first stonewas set on April 2008. The museum building structure was built in about an hour, as a result of the use of a pioneer technique for cultural buildings in Spain. This way, it took about an hour to set up the whole structure. Then the “Multipurpose building” at the same time than the “Auditorium”. The materials used were mainly concrete and glass. At the same time the basis of the “Tower” started, but it was not until the structures of other buildings were almost finished that the works on the Tower were visible. An underground car park was added to the works. The “Open Square” was covered in white concrete. The sides of the Auditorium were painted in yellow, creating a contrast with the dominant white colour. On one of the sides of this building, a ceramic art work, designed by Niemeyer, represents the outline of a woman resting. The stage door was painted in red. This door can be open to the square, so that shows can take part inside or outside the building.

The inauguration act took place on March 2011 with a video speech with Oscar Niemeyer from Brasilia and a jazz concert with Woody Allen in front of an audience of more than 10.000 people.

Source of description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oscar_Niemeyer_International_Cultural_Centre wikipedia

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Geographical coordinates 43.5561375, -5.9175300
Address Avil, Avenida Conde de Guadalhorce 5
Construction dates 2008 - 2011
Opening date 2011

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